Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are distinguished by equal-height sections with precisely aligned ribbing and panelling. The sections are shaped so perfectly that the transitions are practically invisible when the door is closed. A sectional door, as the name implies, is made-up from separate sections panels rather than a single panel based on a 6ft to 7ft 6” opening height this would be generally 4 panels.

This allows for exceptionally smooth operation both manually and when electrically operated. This version has a double panel of steel with a foam insulation sandwiched between. The sectional door creates a solid 42mm wall of panelling when closed and offer great insulation properties and is sealed with a rubber seal bottom, top and sides.

The sectional garage door can be fitted behind or between the brickwork opening depending on the customer requirements. To ensure a long-term resilience against the elements, hot galvanised steel is used for sectional door panels and frames. Sections are embossed and coated with a plastic polyester primer to provide the finest protection system available. All Sectional doors are supplied pre-finished in a variation of colours and are ready-to-fit any sized garage opening. Door and frame colours are vast.

The doors can be unique in design with the availability of having windows built into the panels to allow light to penetrate into the garage when the door is closed. Maximum width 6m.